Piano, Synthesizer, Folk percussion instruments, etc…

With the piano as his main instrument, Esoh employs unique playing methods such as overtone voice and circular breathing. He also plays various instruments including spiritual traditional instruments of the indigenous peoples, as well as original instruments made of natural materials such as stone and wood. His versatileness and performances that reflect elevated spirituality have always been a factor that has allowed him to stand out in the music scene.

In 1987, he participated in the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) in his own group ‘Silent Pulse’. In 1991, he toured as a musician for the dance performance of ‘Amamishineri’ in Okinawa, Rome, Paris and Greece.

As a member of the ‘Wind Travelin’ Band’ with Ema, Esoh performed at the Glastonbury Festival (UK), and toured the US west coast. He has had interactions with a wide range of artists and has participated in collaborations with various groups, extensively exploring the overseas music scene.

He is also involved in producing albums and music events together with those who have visions to make the world a better place.