Vocals, Er-hu, etc…

She hears all sorts of things in this world as songs.
Her voice is known as the ‘Rainbow Voice’.
Beginning with her custom Chinese fiddle, her bowed stringed instruments lend themselves as an ‘additional voice’ as they are played in a unique method and style that makes them sing.
Her style of playing the instruments draw heavily on harmonics to transcend the concept of the Er-hu (Chinese two-stringed fiddle), as if to weave the future with the origin of the bowed stringed instruments.
Along with representing YURAI, Ema participates in recordings and performances with many other bands, such as the legendary ‘Wind Travelin’ Band’, as well as other Okinawan/Amami Shimauta (traditional Okinawan folk music) artists. Ema is a unique female artist who is extensively involved in areas of visual arts and event production, as well as sound designing for various other artists.